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Sometimes it is quicker and less expensive to have your broken avionics unit repaired.  Our extensive bench capabilities help us take care of you, the customer, in a faster and more efficient manner.  Contact us for free information or a quote.
  • Dealer for all major avionics manufacturer’s including Aspen Avionics, Bendix/King, Bose, David Clark, Honeywell, Mid- Continent Instrument Company, PS Engineering, Rockwell Collins, Sandel Avionics, S-Tec, Universal Avionics,
  • Bench repairs of equipment including Nav/Comms, Transponders, DME, GPS, Marker Beacons, Autopilots, Weather Radar and more
  • Certification of Altimeter, Static and Transponder Systems, including bi-annual altimeter, transponder, static system tests and inspections as required by FAR 91.411 and 91.413
  • Custom instrument panel refurbishment, layout and manufacturing for all types of aircraft
  • Complete avionics installations, including RVSM, 8.33KHZ and FM immunity upgrades, autopilot, EFIS, EGPWS, GPS, MFD, Nexrad Radar Data Link, Storm Scope, TCAS I & TCAS II, and other system installations
  • Custom STC Avionics Projects
  • Custom Entertainment Systems

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